Greek Deputy Prime Minister Calls Germans Racist; Believes Germans See Greeks As Bunch Of Lazy Drinkers And Dancers

Just because attacking the nation that is critical to making sure your bailout package is instituted is always a good idea (together with the US and the IMF of course), the Greek Prime Minister has accused Germans of being "prejudiced and racist" in their treatment of Greeks. Apparently demanding fiscal prudence (or lamenting the lack thereof) is now equivalent to stereotyping based on the color of one's skin or something. Spanish newspaper El Pais reports that Theodoros Pangalos, who previously demanded reparations from the Germans for WW2 acts, in an interview with the Portuguese Journal of Business, claims German citizens still see Greeks as lazy, and that Germans are resorting to "racially motivated" reasons to avoid providing a bigger helping hand to Greeks. El Pais quotes Pangalos as saying: "Greeks have problems. But why? Because they did not work hard. And why did they not work hard? Because they have a lovely climate, music and wine, and are not as serious as the Germans."

Pangalos further states that German perception of the Greek economic debacle is not based on reality, and instead borders on the "ridiculous", concluding that German politician actions are more concerned with the outcome of near-term elections than preserving the stability of the euro.

In 2 months, when the IMF is scrambling in its attempt to pull a last minute bailout of Greece, and the topic is all the rage in the media, coupled with general disagreement over the use of American taxpayer dollars to enforce moral hazard in a country several thousand miles away, we wonder just what rationalization Pangalos will use to blame Americans at that point for being reluctant saviours, once all of Europe will have decided Greece is a lost cause, and that it should be America's obligation to save the EMU. Something tells us fat and lazy will just not cut it.