Greek PM Prepared To Step Down To Form Alliance Government Even As Opposition's Samaras Demands Substantial Renegotiation Of Bailout Terms

Developments in Athens are to say the least fluid. The latest news out of Athens News states that G-Pap is prepared to step down in order to form an all-party consensus government with the main opposition party, New Democracy. "Prime Minister George Papandreou held talks with main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras on the telephone on Wednesday, after a round of telephone calls with the leaders of the other political parties in Parliament. Their conversation lasted roughly 20 minutes. While an earlier official announcement by ND had refused to disclose the content of their talks before Papandreou had expressed his position, unnamed sources within the party said that the prime minister had described the situation as extremely difficult and that he was prepared to consider either an all-party government or a broader alliance government. The same sources said that Samaras did not reject the proposal but made it clear that this could not work with Papandreou as prime minister. To this, always according to ND sources, Papandreou apparently replied that he was not concerned about whether he was prime minister." And while the political wrangling is irrelevant for the rest of the world, what is relevant, especially for the ECB which would need a bail out by the Fed should Greece default is the following: "Samaras has apparently made it a condition that there is a substantial renegotiation of the terms of the Memorandum for the loans to Greece, in order to agree to an all-party government." Good luck passing that by the Troica. In other words, Greece is now in a power vacuum and the worst case outcome for Europe appears set to be realized.