Greek Political Leaders Meet, Fail To Reach Consensus On Debt Crisis

Reuters reports that following the anticipated meeting of Greek political leaders, absolutely nothing has been achieved, and, dramatic pause, no consensus was reached on the debt crisis. Expect more protests, more violence, more boosts to GDP expectations following Keynesian logic that the greater the destruction the higher the bounce, etc.

From Reuters:

Greek political leaders failed to reach consensus at an emergency meeting on Friday on how to exit the country's debt crisis, party sources said.

"Consensus was blocked," an official from one of the parties that participated in the meeting told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Far right LAOS leader George Karatzaferis told reporters after the talks: "Unfortunately, some people put their chair above Greece."

An official in his party said he meant there was no agreement.

EU policymakers have warned Athens it must have broad political backing for debt-cutting measures, pressing for the kind of consensus achieved in Portugal, if they are to provide extra cash to plug a funding gap next year.