Guest Post: Economic Consequences Of The “New World Order”

Submitted by Giordano Bruno of Neithercorp Press

Economic Consequences Of The “New World Order

A common misconception among less aware segments of the American populace is that the phrase “New World Order” was concocted by attention seeking “conspiracy theorists” in dank basement apartments and sinister mountain shacks across the country. In reality, anti-globalists and Constitutionalists had nothing to do with the term’s creation (and most of us have decent digs, too). The truth is that mumblings of a “New World Order” have been floating around various elitist circles for decades, and every once in a while, those mumblings are publicized in the mainstream media. Globalists created the warped ideal; we just point out that it exists. Lately, we haven’t had to try very hard…

As most readers here are probably already privy to, elitist spokesman George Soros (who for some reason reminds me of Baron Harkonnen from the movie ‘Dune’) recently let spill all kinds of NWO gossip in a candid interview with the Financial Times. If you have not seen it yet, or you believe only kooks talk about the New World Order, I suggest you watch the below interview twice for good measure:

What is most interesting about this interview is Soros’ focus on the fate of the dollar in the NWO. He openly confirms nearly everything I and many others have been warning about for the past three to four years in the span of only ten minutes! Why would Soros make such admissions? Well, I suspect that some elites believe that they should not have to hide their pet project for a “new order” from us lowly serfs, while others perhaps have been given the green light to start selling the masses on the supposed benefits of greater centralization. Soros literally tries to paint the collapse of America as “necessary”, and the devolution of the dollar as “healthy”, though I doubt that many people will be swayed by his charms. It’s hard to trust a guy that leaves a slime trail…

While Soros may not be the best used car salesman on the lemon lot, there are plenty of establishment media lackeys and fraudulent pundits that do have a knack for refining globalist talking points and making them more palatable to the public. What alternative economic analysts are now discovering is that there are actually two economies; the one that the MSM and the government presents, and the one we all actually live in. The year of 2010 was highly representative of this strange developing duality. So many malfunctions in terms of employment, debt, inflation, and bonds (especially municipals), and yet, so much “good news” pouring out of the networks. This is rather similar to the media frenzy just before the final market plunge of the Great Depression; government reports and mainstream news were overwhelmingly positive, right before the entire system took its last flaming nose dive into the gutter and stayed there for a decade.

If we are to take anything from the recent Soros interview, it would be that the globalists are closing in on their target for the implementation of their new world order, or “new economic order”, or whatever interchangeable label they happen to be using at the moment. But what does this mean for the rest of us? When George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, Gordon Brown, and so many others mention their desire for a “New World Order”, what exactly are they referring to? In terms of the economy, how will this elitist philosophy change our lives, and our nation? To know our destination, we must first examine the path we are currently on. What have been the results of globalism and centralization so far? What is the most likely next step? Let’s review where the elites have led us up until now, and where they have expressly proclaimed they would like to take us in the future…

Harmonization: The Economic Sucker Punch

“Harmonization” is a very pleasant sounding term for a very insidious financial practice, and it is also something we will be hearing a lot about if the NWO design is allowed to continue. In order to understand what economic harmonization entails, one should research the mechanics and purpose behind monopolies. Monopolies are formed first and foremost to remove a very particular free-market factor; competition. Competition allows for the organic growth of markets by relying on the general populace to decide which business and financial models work best. Those models that do not pass the social test are ignored and allowed to die away, while those that pass are supported by the public and allowed to carry on. This natural order of commerce is supplanted when the largest suppliers (businesses or countries) form unions, fix prices, and squeeze out smaller entrepreneurs before they find an opportunity to present a superior idea or business model. By removing competition, monopolies take away the citizen’s ability to choose, or to even participate in the economy in any capacity beyond the role of mindless consumer.

Global harmonization works in a similar way, except in this case the monopoly is not over a specific product or resource, but the resources of entire continents. Competition among nations is squashed. As in the European Union, more successful countries are forced through unilateral trade agreements to transfer their wealth to faltering nations. Not only this, but the economic policies which once made them more competitive are scrapped and replaced with policies that deliberately stunt national growth. Decisions on what kind of commerce works best are no longer made by the citizenry, and are instead centralized into the hands of a select few. Any state that resists or strives for sovereignty is branded irresponsible, or even dangerous; a threat to the so called “balance”.

While globalists like Soros maintain that there are long term benefits to harmonization, including a better standard of living for everyone, in effect, harmonization only seems to make all countries equally poor.

IMF and World Bank lackeys love to bring up the plight of Africa when peddling harmonization and certainly African countries would benefit temporarily by siphoning capital from richer nations, but ultimately, it is the IMF, World Bank, and the UN that ravaged Africa in the first place with their loan sharking, resource theft, and attempts to interfere with African industrialization in the name of unsupported global warming arguments. (Hey, as soon as NASA or the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia makes the source data for their experiments available to the public instead of copping out and claiming national security privileges, I’m perfectly willing to give them a fair shake.) In the FT interview, Soros boasts about IMF allocations of SDR’s to needy African countries, as if they do it out of the kindness of their hearts. Anyone who has studied the history of the IMF knows that they do not do charity.

In the end, dirt poor nations might progress, but never enough to actually prosper, and all at the cost of finding themselves beholden to the IMF. This is the essence of the New World Order. This is the dark side that elitists never openly delve into; total centralization, total poverty, total control, no other options…

Middle-Class Beheaded

In a centralized global economy, financially secure classes of common people become a problem. The less the masses have to worry about everyday survival, the more time they have to question the system’s validity, or its leadership. Therefore, the globalist hierarchy benefits by removing such subsections of the population like the middle-class altogether. This process has already commenced in the midst of the engineered credit crisis, as well as the continued devaluation of the dollar that Soros speaks of so fondly.

Private wages fell to historic lows at the beginning of 2010:

Prices on essential goods and energy are now inflating, despite falling demand:

The U.S. housing market lost $1.05 trillion in value in 2009, $1.75 trillion 2010, and is expected to lose $9 trillion before it bottoms:

Real unemployment remains at a relentless 20%, while welfare benefits have been extended up to 99 weeks. Such a large portion of Americans have remained jobless for so long, that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has now increased the upper limit of how long someone can be listed as jobless from two years, to five years:

As forced globalization continues, “lucky” countries will see a complete disintegration of private home ownership, two working parents in every family, wage reductions to counter low demand, and price spikes in food and energy. In places like China with a long history of wage slavery, this is actually a step up! So it all evens out according to George Soros. Unfortunately, the U.S. is more likely to see hyperinflation, rather than a mere reduction in our standard of living. Currency destruction would decimate the middle-class in America. Soros hints at this probable future, but then glosses over it as a “painful but needed” change.

One question that no interviewer seems to put to these parasites is, who really “needs” the New World Order? Who benefits from its proliferation? Certainly not the middle-class, and certainly not the poor. So, who’s left to reap the spoils? Ask Soros. He knows…

Dollar On The Highway To Hell

Not to harp about the past, but in 2007/2008, stating that China was going to drop the dollar and dump Treasuries while converting to a consumer based economy causing the greenback to lose its world reserve status while the IMF introduced SDR’s as the new global currency did not exactly win me any respect in financial circles. I still get arguments from devout deflationists and random green-shoots proponents on occasion. Now, here’s George Soros TELLING YOU, for the most part, what is going to happen to the dollar, and sounding a lot like Neithercorp. It’s enough to give me the heebie jeebies.

Soros mentions the pending bilateral trade agreements being used by China to rout the dollar in Brazil and Argentina, but for some reason fails to point out Russia’s agreement to abandon the Greenback. He also fails to mention China’s numerous interest rate hikes or increased bank allocations which have utterly failed to stem inflation, leaving the government with only one other option; dump U.S Treasuries, allowing the Yuan to quickly appreciate giving Chinese consumers greater buying power to compete with rising prices. All that’s left is for our Treasury Dept. to finally release that delayed report accusing China of currency manipulation. Retaliation ensues, and down goes the dollar.

It’s not a question of IF this will happen, but WHEN? How long can the dollar truly hold out while interest rates remain at near zero, the private Federal Reserve continues its QE2 madness, and our national debt continues to grow beyond all imagining? Something has to give, and that something will be the rest of the world’s patience with the dollar.

Stall tactics are beginning to lose their effect. Rumors yesterday of a possible Fed rate hike did cause quite a stir, and even hit commodities, but frankly, I’ll believe that when I see it. A meaningful rate hike would make the Fed’s quantitative easing programs pretty difficult to pursue and knock the wind out of the Dow, considering the only thing propping up the whole farce is the constant flow of cheap fiat. When the central bankers turn to interest rate gossip to keep investors smitten with the dollar, it might be time to question whether or not foreign banks may be preparing for a policy change concerning U.S. Treasuries soon. This is, of course, all by design.

The bottom line is that the dollar has no place in the NWO. Soros admits it. Most other globalists have openly demanded it. I think in this case, they aren’t just feeding us propaganda.

Global Currency, Global Government, No More Fairytales

With all the talk in the MSM of global currency lately, I still have yet to see a viable argument for its usefulness. Just as with globalism, no real debate is pursued on global currency, only the presumption that such a step is “inevitable”. Sorry, but globalism is not inevitable, and neither is the rise of Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s). These are economic tools and methods which are enacted by a relatively small group of men. They are not universal laws of physics handed down by the gods.

A global currency changes nothing in terms of the problems already associated with our current collapse. It definitely doesn’t make anything better. While the IMF does claim to have ample gold reserves to back the SDR, almost every new paper currency starts out backed by PM’s or some other resource. The problem is that every currency under the control of central bankers and not the people ends up losing all tangible backing and becomes yet another fiat prison. The only purpose behind a global currency would be to streamline the centralization process; to perpetuate the psychology of globalism in the masses, making the construction of global government easier to introduce.

Would global government be as wondrous and as Utopian as it is always presented? Will we finally get our Star Trek uniforms and flying cars? Not a chance. Global governance will not be Utopia; not under men like Soros, and certainly not under the IMF. The promise of paradise has always been used to make people do stupid and horrible things, from the Assasseens of Iran spoken of by Marco Polo, to the Russian communist disaster of Lenin and Stalin, and beyond. Blind collectivism and feudalism has never led to peace, prosperity, wisdom, or spaceships propelled by dilithium crystals. What it HAS led to, consistently, is death, destruction, mayhem, and sometimes the loss of entire chapters of human knowledge. It leads not to enlightenment, but to the dark ages.

Once a system like this is instituted, its hold over younger generations is vicious. We have all grown up in the midst of the globalist experiment, and while many of us have broken free mentally, we still have never experienced life without the constant poison of elitist politics and prattle. Imagine a colonialist from the American Revolution visiting our time and witnessing all the freedoms, cultural and economic, that were stolen away from us before we were ever born. They would shriek in absolute horror and run for their musket!

There is a certain innocence and a certain joy inherent in true freedom, not just freedom of the mind as we have so far settled for today, but freedom of daily life. To live without someone always out to dominate you or your family; that is something I would like one day to witness, or at the very least make possible for tomorrow’s Americans. If the NWO is not confronted and dismantled, who knows how long it will be before another common man thrives free.

Breaking The Circle, Starting Anew

Stopping the advancement of the New World Order, at least in terms of economics, does not require a “magic bullet” scheme, a busload of lawyers, or even an audit of the Federal Reserve (though one would be nice). What it does require, is an alternative. Do most Americans participate in the corrupt establishment system because they like it? No. They participate because they feel there are no other viable options, and since very few government officials seem to be coming forward with said options, there is nothing to do but build a better option for ourselves.

This means average people starting their own alternative economies in their own communities based on trade, barter, and sound money (precious metals), in conjunction with fiat until the bottom finally falls out of the dollar. It means cutting down the weekly trips to Walmart and buying as many goods as you can from local Liberty Movement based providers. It means setting up statewide networks of micro-industries, farm and garden co-ops, and gold and silver distributors, and turning away from the NWO completely. It means a return to true free markets owned and operated by the people, without any interference from corporations or government.

If they want a centralized economy, then we decentralize the economy. If they want to break up legitimate community, then we support legitimate community. If they want to break down 10th Amendment rights, then we support the Constitutional imperative of the states to determine their own internal matters. If they want us to rely solely on the dollar, then we convert our dollars to gold and silver, and trade with each other. Neithercorp is now working on a project with Oathkeepers which we believe will make these alternatives a reality.

If anything is going to turn for the better, ever, that change is going to start with regular people. There is no other way around it. When the colonies of the American Revolution rebelled against the British Empire, they did so first by dumping the corrupt British economic system, and setting up their own free markets. They did not just declare independence; they took concrete actions which removed their dependency on their enemy. They forced the British to choose; accept that the colonies had their own system and move on, or attack the colonies, try to force them to conform, and expose British tyranny for all the world to see. The British chose the latter, bit off more than they could chew, and the rest is history. The point is that the colonists created a win-win scenario. We must do the same.

Some might claim that times have changed and circumstances are different, but this is irrelevant. The concept still applies, and is actually in use by the Liberty Movement already. The alternative media is a perfect example of how offering a better option to the public can destroy a controlled mainstream system, like that of the MSM. Their numbers are plummeting, while ours are skyrocketing. They are becoming obsolete, while we become more necessary. And all we had to do was offer the truth, and free participation. Imagine that…

As Soros points out in the FT interview, now is the time to act. We know what the globalists plan to do to our currency and our economy, so why wait around for the leaky ship to sink when we could be using that time to build a better boat? Now, we must act. We must set the pace. We must take matters into our own hands, before someone else makes the important decisions for us. We must determine our own destinies. There is precious little left to lose.