Guest Post: The Grand Unified Theory of Physics and Economics

Submitted by Bo Peng

The Grand Unified Theory of Physics and Economics

This is too interesting to pass.

Roger Penrose, knighted prof of Oxford, and co-workers have just found evidence supporting his theory that the inflationary Universe, a term used to describe the rapid expansion of space-time, is not a one-time catastrophe originating from the Big Bang, but rather a cyclic phenomena.

Economists are known as those who can't make it in math and physics. Well take this you mathists and physicists. Not to mention PhD economists from decent departments, but even econobloggers, and EVEN people who read econobloggers have known for a long time that inflation is cyclic.

There, we now have a Grand Unified Theory of Physics and Econmics. This is just too beautiful to be wrong.

And how assuring to know that life will somehow reincarnate after the coming hyper-inflation. Could gold be only thing surviving the Big Bang, and thus the only medium carrying some shreds of survivors from the old eon?

But what if the space-time doesn't like this whole inflation business and somehow evolves a strategy to moderate it (yes, evolution of the laws of physics or The Space-time Itself)? Even more intriguing, what if such strategy is dictated by one being? What if that one being is The Big Ben...I mean Big Bang Itself? What if It screws up -- would the entire Universe just go *poof* for good in one last spectacular inflationary bubble?


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