GX Clarke Defines "Indirect Bidder"

[G. X. Clarke & Co. issued the nicest takedown request that we've seen in a while- and from a partner, and they don't even mention the DMCA.  How could we not comply?



Sir / Madam,
I am writing on behalf of G. X. Clarke & Co. with reference to an entry posted by "Tyler Darden" on your site at 9AM today, July 28, entitled "GX Clarke Defines ‘Indirect Bidder’”. This entry can be found at http://www.zerohedge.com/article/gx-clarke-defines-indirect-bidder.  Please be advised that this entry was excerpted, without permission, from a daily market commentary that we provide to our clients, and which is protected by a strict confidentiality disclaimer similar to the one that follows this email.  We take infringements of this type very seriously, and as such, we object to this information being posted on your site.  As a result, I am writing to kindly request that you delete the aforementioned item without delay.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Bernard Spanger
Bernard S. Spanger
G.X.Clarke & Co.
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