Handelsblatt Says Consensus Emerges For Christine Lagarde To Head IMF

It may be time to adjust those IMF head odds. Handelsblatt has just reported that the female (and this apparently is key) finance minister of France is next in line to head the world's bailout efforts of all those insolvent countries, courtesy of the support of France, Germany and the US. Google translated: "The race to succeed the retired IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Germany apparently omitted the designation of a candidate's own. Currently becoming apparent that the Federal Government the nomination of the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde supports. Nothing has been decided, but it all comes down to the Frenchwoman. Dies erfuhr das Handelsblatt aus Berliner Koalitionskreisen. This Handelsblatt learned from Berlin coalition parties. The U.S. also argue for the Frenchwoman."


Lagarde is regarded as outstanding in their field and as international experience. The Europeans have Lagarde, the expectation that it manages primarily as IMF boss € the crisis. Her appointment is still subject to the proviso that Lagarde is not charged because of the affair Tapie in France. According to Strauss-Kahn had the next head of the IMF to be free of legal complications, according to Berlin and Washington.

Lagarde is accused of abuse of office in Paris. She had saved a few years ago the ex-minister and businessman Bernard Tapie by appealing to a civil arbitration body a long legal battle with the French State. Since the state had lost but the procedure before the arbitration board and to enforce its claims against Tapie could not, Lagarde is kept favoring.

The favorite silent on their ambitions. When asked whether she could imagine a candidate, she responded on Thursday with a smile and a short "Vive l'Europe!" (Long live Europe). Previously, she had said in general: "Any candidate who even may be, it will have to come from the Europeans. "They must unite."

French Minister Lagarde had described as "very good candidate." It would however be difficult for France to occupy the post again in French, "said Thierry Mariani. "Not only France's dream to make the IFW director."

Lagarde's compatriot Strauss-Kahn had announced his resignation. He is sitting in New York in jail. He is accused of attempted rape.

The only wildcard is how China will feel about this "European" nomination after its central bank made noises earlier obviously pushing for a non-European (Chinese?) IMF candidate.