Heather Graham on Health Care Policy

By Jeff Harding

The Daily Capitalist

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I confess to being an e-mail subscriber to MoveOn.org. Yes, it's for all the reasons you suspect: spying on the enemy. There maybe some issue somewhere that I would agree with them, but I can't really remember. So, I'll just say that I'm against everything they and George Soros stand for. What they stand for is ignorance, mainly of economics. They also stand for increasing the power of the state to impose their objectives on us by force. But, I choose to mainly focus on economic issues here.

That said, they have no idea what they are talking about, they are a big propaganda mill financed by Soros, they lie, and there are a lot of eager young faces who believe in their lies and ignorance. Based on this, I believe Soros is a sinister, evil force in the world.

I just received this giddy, breathless announcement that just bubbled over with fun:

We just finished a great new ad starring actress Heather Graham...as the public option. (Really!) It could be the funniest and most memorable ad we've ever produced. But with the health care debate moving fast, we want to get it on the air immediately. Can you check out the ad and if you like it, chip in? We're calling out conservatives, who say they love free enterprise but are afraid of real competition, with a new ad starring actress Heather Graham as the Public Option. (Really!)

This is a stunning piece of news. First, Heather (I've-seen-you-naked) Graham is probably a very articulate spokesperson for this subject, well versed in the topic, and has studied all sides of the argument. I'm sure of it. Then they really make a critical point here by challenging we "conservatives" to stand up for competition. I mean, who isn't for competition. If MoveOn is for it, then gosh, it must be good.

Watch Heather first, then I've got more stuff to talk about:

Bloated, lazy, profits, apple pie, competition, public option are some of the words used in this propaganda piece. It's classic agitprop from the Soros propaganda machine.

These people are using the classic Big Lie technique. They create a falsehood and sell it with value-laden, emotional words. They demonize and stereotype the enemy (semi-free enterprise) in ways seen in the crude manner seen during the 20thC from unsophisticated agitators seeking government control over their fellow human beings.

If this piece was reversed somehow where a "conservative" group was ridiculing advocates of national health care, I am sure the public response would be one of outrage.

No one in their right mind could believe that the government could effectively compete against private enterprise. You all know this almost instinctively without having to understand any economic theory. Without the element of profit driving a business enterprise, it will be inefficient, lose money, not serve its customers well, and eventually will go broke. US Postal Service, Amtrack, Massachussetts's health care system, Britain's national health service. If you can come up with an example where a government-operated system was efficient and effective, please let me know. So, you have to suspect that there is some other motive behind the public option other than "healthy competition" and the American Way.

What are the motives of the people behind the public option? I propose that, (i) they are ignorant of economics, (ii) even if they aren't, they will sacrifice principle for power, and (iii) they ignore anything that disagrees with them. It is all about power folks.

See this Wolf Blitzer interview with David Axelrod, and you will see what I mean. You might not want to watch this on a full stomach.

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He's uttering the Big Lie and ignoring the obvious. I rest my case.


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