Here Are Last Year's Ira Sohn Winners And Losers

While the hedge fund world (at least those who are not lucky enough to be among the 250 who have access to is currently frenzied by the latest public revelations of attempted groupthink at the annual Ira Sohn conference, which Market Folly is doing a good job of summarizing in real time, Absolute Return magazine has compiled the returns of various managers' recommendations based on their 2010 picks. The big winners: Arbess, Eisman, Grantham, Dinan, and oddly enough Larry Robbins. The biggest loser by far was David Einhorn, whose once iconic cult of 13F clones appears to have lost critical mass. In the middle David Tepper, whose modest beat in Santander was more than offset by losses in Bank of America. Of course, nothing compares to John Paulson's thesis that BofA would hit $30 by the end of 2011. Full summary below.


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