Here Comes The Greek Brady Plan Together With 35% Bond Haircuts...And A Caption Contest

Just in case you were expecting a full recovery on those Greek bonds stashed away under the mattress (ahem ASSGEN) here comes Euro Intelligence to spoil your day (and maybe, just maybe, wreak some havoc with your CDS). In a nuthsell: we are about to see a Brady plan with 35% haircuts. If true, we may be seeing some pretty interesting unintended consequences in the near to very near-term future.

From Euro Intelligence:

We think this story from To Vima in Greece is true. It contains a lot detail about discussions currently under way for a future Greek debt restructuring. The paper says that the EU, IMF and the ECB have reached basic agreement that a debt restructuring for Greece is inevitable, with the following concrete options being discussed. 1. A haircut of 35%. Technically, this will be an exchange of existing bonds with bonds of 65% of their value. 2. A bond swap to 30-year bonds with low interest rates. 3. A new loan package of 25% of the previous volume. The paper recalls the Brady plan, under which the US organised a similar debt swap for Latin American debt, with the help of a Fed guarantee. The paper also quotes Greek sources as confirming that they no longer expect the rebound of growth to happen immediately.

More importantly, here is today's caption contest. The winner gets to cross their ZR bid which at last check was locked limit up.

Have at it.