Here Comes Stimulus 2.0

In this Bloomberg clip, commerce secretary Gary Locke says that "if there is to be another stimulus -- and that’s being hotly discussed and very seriously considered within the administration as well as members of Congress -- it needs to be very targeted, very specific and we need to be very mindful of the deficit as well.In other words, with unemployment not improving after the first $787 billion was spent, with GDP improvements having peaked, and since at this point nothing matters since America will never be able to realistically service its debt, with mid-term elections coming up, and Obama's rating plummeting even despite an orchestrated 50% rally, it is a matter of months, if not days, before the President unveils another multi-trillion Treasury sinkhole. And since no horrible policy decision can go unused, the next stimulus is likely to be promptly followed by the Chairman announcing the next iteration of Quantitative Easing.



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