Here We Go Again: RIG Stock Drops Following Report Transocean Marianas Rig In Danger Of Sinking

It's deja vu all over again. From Bud's Offshore Energy: "We just received word this morning that the Transocean Marianas rig  has developed a large crack in one of the pontoons on the #5/#6 anchor chain locker while they were picking up anchors, and is currently taking on water and listing.  The bilge pumps are keeping up (barely), but there’s certainly concern that it might sink on location. So far, 68 people have been evacuated from location. According to RigZone, the Marianas was working offshore Nigeria. [Per one of our readers, (see comment below) Petrodata shows the rig operating offshore Ghana.] More:  The Marianas, spudded the Macondo in October, 2009, but was damaged by Hurricane Ida and towed to shore.  The Deepwater Horizon was the rig that replaced the Marianas."

The ultradeepwater semi rig in question is located off the coast of West Africa according to Rig Zone.

We will try to get secondary confirmation shortly.