Here Is Your Chance To Bid On A US Treasury Confiscated SLR, Bugatti Or Lamborghini

One of the benefits of working for the US Treasury, in addition to printing infinite amounts of debt at ever higher Bid To Covers, is the ability to confiscate stuff. As part of the UST's Seized and Forfeited Program, every several months the Treasury organizes assorted auctions for items that one would typically find at a Goldman Sachs Hamptons Fried Calamari party. At this point, it seems Tim Geithner finds himself in possession of a few extra Veyrons, SLR Maclarens, Bentleys, Stingrays, Spyders and Murcielagos, and needs to urgently get rid of these just in case the Direct Bidders decide to stop taking down up to 30% of each and every UST auction. The upcoming auctions for 2010 will be held in Broward Country, FL, June 3; Riverside, CA, June 9, 2010; Miami, FL, August 11, 2010, and Dayton, NJ, on September 1, 2010. The US Treasury page for the upcoming auction can be found here, as to whether the final auction prices are reasonable, you can check what recent auctions have closed for at this link. Below is the flipbook of all the ridiculous items currently in the possession of the Treasury, and which are now auctionable.