Hero Or Knave, He's Back


Onto which is written in white letters...


“When business in the United States underwent a contraction... the Federal Reserve created more paper reserves.


The excess credit spilled over into the market triggering a fantastic speculative boom... “




It’s a summer day. The heat floats above the pavement. A cab waits in the lot.


The large gates of New York’s largest prison open and today’s group of newly released emerge.


They pass a guard who lifts up a copy of The USA Today to reveal the headlines and date that tells us it’s 2002.


Amongst this group we find a man carrying a small duffel.


And we know this man. He is Gordon Gekko.

An anonymous Zero Hedge reader (our favorite kind) points us to the script for "Money Never Sleeps."

We haven't even read the whole thing yet, we wanted to get it to you asap, but Cody Willard makes an appearance in the first five pages.  What does that tell you?