Horrible 5 Year Auction Sends Treasury Complex Into A Tailspin, 5 Year Yield Surges 22 Bps In Two Days

It has been a long time since we had seen a 5 Year auction as ugly as today's: printing at a 1.615% high yield, the 5 Year had a 3.5 bps tail off the bat to the 1.58% WI where it was trading before. The internals were just as ugly, with the Bid To Cover coming at 2.59 a plunge from May's 3.20, and the lowest since June 2010. Not surprisingly, Indirect interest evaporated once again, tumbling from 47.1% to just 37.6%, with Primary Dealers having to take up more than half, or 52.1%, and the remainder going to Direct Bidders. Too bad they will have no more opportunities to flip these back to the Fed. Which as expected starts to confirm Bill Gross' thesis that in the absence of the Fed monetizing, rates are about to go higher. One look at the second chart shows the relentless selling in bonds since Sunday. And as reported previously, with a barrage of issuance due in the months following the debt ceiling hike, which will probably be some time in July or August, look for the sell UST thesis to start getting its long overdue confirmation. In the meantime, the 5 Year yield has surged from 1.35% yesterday to 1.5727%, a mindnumbing move.

5 Year summary:

UST complex summary:

And... splat: