How Goldman Prevented Today's Market Rout And Made A Quick $3 Million In The Process

In our first of many "Trench Warfare" segments, we share with our readers the perspectives of various floor and desk traders and analysts, in this case CBOT floor trader F.S., whose valuable perspective sheds some much needed light on today's odd market behavior, and on just who was responsible, and profited from it.

I thought u might find it interesting that Golden Slacks bought 1,200 big S&Ps today near the lows – supporting/buying every selloff attempt.  With the 10 handle rally GS just made a quick $3,000,000.00.  Of course, they are selling some out now @ 1097.00 to the Johnny-Come-Lately’s – but not many.

Gee wiz, I’m sure the Vampire Squid just got lucky and didn’t have that info before hand.  Yeah – they’re very lucky.

From the Floor of the CBOT

So the next time you see Goldman making $100 million + profits on every single day in the quarter, you will at least have some idea of how it happens.