"How We Ended The Great Recession" (At A Cost Of $20 Trillion And Counting)

Just in case you needed that one final proof that Moody's is finished, here is a report by Moody's head of economic propaganda (at least that is our loose interpretation of the official title "Chief Economist" who also happens to be a permanent fixture on that other permaganda TV channel) Mark Zandi, in collaboration with Princeton's (yes, that Princeton) very own Alan Blinder, have come up with something akin to a research paper (we say akin because it surely lies in some abominable gray area inbetween coherent thought and logical discourse and a Las Vegas Ether-binge straight out of Dr. Gonzo) in which the intellectual titans confirm that not only the Great Recession is over, but here are the precise steps (a, b, c) in which it was defeated and forced to return slouching and grovelling to the vile communist, fascist, what have you, from whence it's sprung, unwept, unhonored and unsung, after president Obama came to the rescue (not to mention, literally, the $20 trillion of new debt in process of being incurred in the next 10 years). And just in case the administration needs an Assistant Head Of Money Printing, once Moody's is liquidated, Mark Zandi would be more than happy to proffer his Keynesian credentials to the administration, even as it itself goes down in flames courtesy of a general public of which 70%+ have said no more stimulus. Feel free to read this or to use it as a TP substitute. We are not sure what any self-respecting administration can do with Messrs. Zandi and Blinder but are open to suggestions.