Live Video Stream Of Wisconsin Protests Where Hundreds Of Protesters Rush Wisconsin Capitol, Vastly Outnumbering Security

That didn't take long. Ann Althouse writes: "Meade, who is in the building now, tells me, by phone, that he saw a window on the Wisconsin Avenue side of the building opened and protesters entering through that window. He thought it seemed as if someone in one of the Democratic legislators' offices had opened a window to let them in, and — once they were in — many doors have been opened all around, and people have streamed into the building. He says he counted 3 "troopers" — I'm not sure what the official job title is for these security people — and that they were absurdly overwhelmed by the crowd." So...Wisconsin is not Cairo?


Meade said that he wasn't afraid that these people would become violent, and indeed many of them looked happy — or dazed — perhaps out of success in taking over the building. He didn't see any damage or dangerous behavior. Meade is taking video of what he is seeing, and I will have that for you later.

AND: Meade said that he didn't see how the security officers could possibly clear out the building and that there was nothing to stop any number of individuals from entering the building right now.

It is unknown if any Republicans were harmed in the making of this mini Cairo.

At least now we know what it takes to pull the average American away from The Jersey Shore...

For those who enjoyed the movie Sliver, here is the livestream of Wisconsin protests:

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