ICE Cotton Margin Hike Backfires, Sends Cotton To All Time Record High

Earlier, the ICE once again engaged in the now traditional margin hike of any surging commodity in an attempt to force longs to sell out of speculative margin positions. Only a funny thing happened as a result: instead of killing the price, the price of cotton surged to $1.935, the highest price ever, as apparently those impacted were on the short side, inciting a short covering spree. A retest of the $2 psychological price barrier is now guaranteed and is on next week's docket. But don't worry, a 100% price jump in the key ingredient of clothing in 6 months will not have a margin impact for consumer discretionary companies. None at all. Sarcasm aside, what the take home message here is that exchange margin hikes no longer have an even short-term adverse impact, and in fact are accelerating price gains to the upside.

And the ICE's failed attempt at temporary price controls (link)

h/t pino