IceCap Asset Management April 2011 Market Outlook: "A Picture Is Worth 1.8 Trillion Words"

From IceCap Asset Management

Well, how will Obama balance his budget? Without cutting any spending, he could simply double taxes for everyone – but that wouldn’t work; he’d have to tax the poor and the rich. Since the top 5% of wealthy Americans are already paying over 58% of total US taxes collected, raising their tax burden will likely force them to move to Canada (the land of lower taxes and really good money managers). Meanwhile, raising taxes for the poor isn’t really a good way to get reelected in 2012. So, what does Obama do? Using his Nobel Peace Prize as inspiration, he crafts a plan that will cut spending by $4 trillion over the next 12 years. Then, using his teleprompter for guidance, he orates this plan to congress and the American public in the smoothest of silk possible. It was a great plan, until his very own Vice President, Joe Biden, falls asleep during the speech and on national TV at that. But in hindsight, this was actually smart as it deflected attention away from the details, and as we all know – the devil is in the details.

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IceCap Asset Management Limited Global Markets April 2011


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