IMF Bailout For Greece To Come At SDR Rate Plus 300 bps Plus 50 bps Service Charge, Greece Says "Thank You US Taxpayers"

The IMF, realizing it had a catastrophe on its hands, has caved in and according to Reuters will provide US taxpayer money to Greece at vastly below market rates of the SDR rate plus 300 bps plus a 50 bps service charge. With the SDR rate at 0.26%, this comes out to a ridiculous 376 bps, or massively below where Greece could possibly borrow at market. And guess who takes the first loss risk on a pro rata basis? That's right US taxpayers - you. At least when Greece bankrupts eventually, which it will, and the debt is equitized, the US, well more like Lloyd Blankfein, will become owner of the Cyclades at zero cost. Win win for everyone except 99.5% of America.