Inflation-Deflation Spread Hits 9% As Schrodinger's Cat Goes Nuts

The debate over inflation and deflation has just hit a spread of almost 10%, with deflation (10 Year Yields) barely budging from near record lows, while inflation (stocks) are at a level last seen when the 10 Year was at 3.25%. In other words, one is right and one is wrong, with the convergence between the two now at almost record levels of around 9%. At this point the markets can continue diverging as 10 Year yields drop even as stocks do their irrelevant thing, or, at some point, the correlation desks can get their act together and realize that this spread makes no sense and unlike a Schrodinger Thought Experiment, you can't live in a world in which assets predict both inflation and deflation at the same time. Perhaps all it takes is for some person with a dose of common sense to "observe" this discrepancy and collapse the wave function of the insanity that our market has become. The snap back will be violent.

Long term: