Initial Claims Miss Consensus, Jump Higher To 465K From Upward Revised (Of Course) 453K

Initial claims not only missed consensus by 15K, jumping by 13K to 465K, but the previous number was of course revised higher from 450K to 453K. And a far bigger revision was in the continuin claims number, where the previous print was pushed higher from 4,485K to 4,537K. The current weekly number of 4,489K missed expectations of 4,473K nonetheless. Once again the BLS' endless "downward" revisions to prior economic data continue to misrepresent the economic at T-0 with impunity. But who cares about truth when patently wrong headlines is all that matters to the binary pirates. The only "good" news: EUC and Extended claims recipients jumped by over 200K in the past week, somewhat countering the prior week's plunge by over half a million as ever more claimants exhaust their full 99 weeks of various Tier benefits.