Insider Selling To Buying Update: 229 To 1

Some earth-shattering insider buying in the past week (a fact not seen in months), courtesy of a large block of stock purchased in Monstanto (for $1 MM), Intel ($384K), and GE ($334K), has done miracles to the general insider selling to buying ratio, and almost managed to offset the $114 million sold in Google, $100 million in Oracle, and $30 million or less sold in Safeway, Discovery Communications, Costco and a total of 61 other names. In the week ended October 22, S&P 500 insiders sold 229 times more stock than they bought, per Bloomberg. To be sure, this is a vast improvement from last week's 2,000+ plus ratio, yet still the rolling insider average selling to buying over the past 8 weeks is about 1,000 to 1. At least insiders continue to benefit from ever more irrational prices in stocks from which they can bail at increasingly loftier levels.