Insider Selling/Buying Ratio At 62.3x To Start Off 2010; Insiders Can't Thank The Fed Enough For Inflated Stock Prices

2010 has started off with a bang. Insiders purchased $4.5 million worth of stock (and yes, this does not include the end year transaction by such individuals as Nelson Peltz who acquired nearly 10 million shares of Legg Mason on the last day of 2009, to validate his recent board seat standstill), in the period from January 4. It should, however, comes as no surprise that in the same period selling did not moderate, and insiders offloaded $281 million in shares (yes, this accounts for the double counting of trades between various ultimately identical corporate entities, which seems to have been missed by some of our peers). Net result: an insider selling to buying of 62x to kick off 2010. And still the quants are chasing momentum ever higher. There is no way this will end in anything but tears.


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Source: FinViz