Iran Deploys Security Forces In Advance Of Popular Protests

No missing tank rumors were disseminated in the copy and pasting of this latest Reuters blurb on what is happening in Iran now. Incidentally, if the reports from Bahrain are even remotely true, it is all downhill from here as the religious aspect of the food revolutions comes out front and center. "Iran's security forces have been deployed to the streets on Tuesday ahead of a planed opposition rally calling for lifting house arrests imposed on opposition leaders, an opposition website reported. "A large number of security forces have been stationed at main streets and some squares of Tehran since noon to prevent gathering of opposition supporters," said the Sahamnews website. It is unclear if any Bloomberg reports were beaten with broomsticks as a result of this latest crackdown on demonstrations.

More from MSNBC:

Iran security forces fired teargas and clashed with opposition supporters in Tehran on Tuesday, the opposition website Kaleme reported. "Security forces and people in civilian clothes clashed with demonstrators in Tehran to disperse them," the website reported.