Ireland, Germany and Fear

WB7: Now I don't mean to be overly cynical or anything, but I do read the posts of other esteemed contributors on Zero Hedge who are very cynical indeed.

Let me ask you, if you were a good German citizen today, would you be worrying about why your elected officials are urging Ireland to accept yet another bazilliony ball buster of a European bailout or would you be worried about what precisely this means:

Reported in the Press

Germany is increasing security throughout the country, particularly in airports and train stations, on the basis of "concrete indications of a series of attacks planned for the end of November," Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said today.

Dr. Maizière told citizens to be ready for a "visible police presence," which Agence France-Presse reported was already apparent today as "machine gun-toting police patrolled German stations and airports ... there could also be tighter checks on the external borders of the European Schengen visa-free travel zone."

Funny how timing is usually everything...