Ireland Sells Out Its People To UK, Germany Bankers, Will Apply For Rescue Tonight

And so the can has been kicked down the road one more time as Ireland's Brian Lenihan has just sold out his country to the IMF, the ECB and the Fed for a few extra years of puppet control. RTE reports that EU Finance Ministers are due to hold a conference call later this evening during which Ireland is expected to make a formal request for a financial rescue package. What is not discussed is how the Irish people, now likely furious at being manipulated over a lost cause will express their anger over being the latest sheep used to bail out Europe's ever more insolvent banking system. They can at least sleep soundly, that they won't be the last. After today's rescue of Ireland, the vigilantes will focus their undivided attention on Portugal and Spain - perhaps these two countries will be a little less timid when it comes to rescuing Germany's banking oligarchy.

From RTE:

EU Finance Ministers are due to hold a conference call later this evening during which Ireland is expected to make a formal request for a financial rescue package.

An EU source said the request would be approved during the call.

It follows confirmation by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan that he would be recommending to the Cabinet this afternoon that an application be made to the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, Mr Lenihan said he will propose the application to this afternoon's meeting of the Cabinet.

The Minister confirmed that discussions with the agencies had concluded yesterday evening.

Ireland will now be formally applying for a rescue programme and formal negotiations will begin.

He confirmed that the amount of money involved amounted to 'tens of billions' of euros but denied suggestions it would be as much as €70 or €80bn.

Also, remember Paulson's bazooka dud? It's baaack.

He suggested most of the money would be used to cover the Government deficit for the next few years, while most of the money assigned to the banks would be from what he called a 'demonstration of firepower' that would only be drawn down if required.

Lenihan seems to realize that allegations of his treacherous nature are about to kick into high gear, accompanied by violent demonstrations, riots and strikes.

The Minister said he had not misled the country over the past week nor did any of his Cabinet colleagues intend to mislead people.

He said it would the height of irresponsibility to have a General Election now, and that the priorities for the country were having the four-year plan and Budget in place.

Mr Lenihan said no concrete figure had been arrived at and that figure would be the subject of negotiations.

Of course it would be "highly irresponsible" to hold an election just after the Minister of Finance has been exposed to be the latest puppet in the global banker arsenal. After all, the people may actually let him know how they feel about betrayal.

One thing that apparently was not discusses was the imminent austerity that would grip the country far over and above what the country would do on its own theatrical ways. After all, Ireland has just ceded complete sovereign control over to the tyrranical trio of Jean Claude Trichet, Dominique Strauss-Khan and Ben Bernanke. Welcome to the club.