It Is Just Surreal Now: UMichigan Consumer Confidence Index At Laughable 76, Highest Since January 2008

The only thing worse than the oil flowing out of the GoM gusher, is the BS now openly flowing out of the government propaganda machine, which has jumped the shark beyond all semblance of credibility. How consumer confidence in May was the highest in over two years, at 76, higher than April's already ludicrous 73.6, and highest since January 2008, is not even worthy of commentary. It must have been the flash crash, the BP oilspill catastrophe, the market's 10% drop and Europe's bankruptcy that really pushed consumer confidence to that near record level...  Just who do these people call to "gauge" confidence anyway: just Barack Obama, the president, the POTUS, and the Teleprompter in Chief (not necessarily in that order)? We must have missed when the Chinese ministry of propaganda, data fudging and bullshit, LBOed the US government's data dissemination bureaus (no doubt with Goldman Sachs pocketing a cool billion in advisory fees, and even throwing in a free second lien on Mykonos in the process), but with this most recent release we have no doubt it happened.