It's Official: DTS Discloses Total Debt Hit Ceiling Yesterday; Government Draws On $14.3 Billion From Retirement Funds

While it won't be a surprise to anyone at this point, seeing it in black on white is about as startling as hearing that one's credit card has been denied. Yesterday, following the settlement of all of last week's auctions, total debt held by the public increased by$51.4 billion, just as we had predicted, bringing the total to $9.717694 trillion. And with the total debt subject to the ceiling maxed out legally by $14.294, Tim Geithner reported a total of $14,293,975 MM, $25 million away from the ceiling. What was the plug? Why "Intragovernment Holdings" of course, which declined by $14.3 billion. As Tim Geithner warned yesterday this is now money held in retirement trust funds, which is now being directly sacrificed in order to keep the ceiling from breach: "I will be unable to invest fully the portion of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (“CSRDF”) not immediately required to pay beneficiaries. In addition, I am notifying you, as required under 5 U.S.C. § 8438(h)(2), of my determination that, by reason of the statutory debt limit, I will be unable to invest fully the Government Securities Investment Fund (“G Fund”) of the Federal Employees’ Retirement System in interest-bearing securities of the United States." And as expected, once the debt ceiling is raised, the accrued shortfall will be filled, meaning upon a debt ceiling hike, which will come some time in July, total debt will explode higher, surging by about $300 billion in a few days.

From today's DTS:

Most importantly, as of close Monday, the Treasury had $127.5 billion in cash which will not be replenished through any more net debt offerings. It better last a long time.