Japan To Censor, Take Down "Irresponsible" Fukushima Information And Reporting

While we have yet to independently verify the following piece of news which originally appeared in the April 18 edition of the Asia Pacific Journal, we can see how this could be very true. If so, it has very disturbing implications about the "real" truth behind the Fukushima devastation, because outright censorship, Cease and Desist notices, and preemptive takedowns are always the purvey of the "last resort" crew.

From the very end of the article:

Now the Japanese government has moved to crack down on independent reportage and criticism of the government’s policies in the wake of the disaster by deciding what citizens may or may not talk about in public. A new project team has been created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, the National Police Agency, and METI to combat “rumors” deemed harmful to Japanese security in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

The government charges that the damage caused by earthquakes and by the nuclear accident are being magnified by irresponsible rumors, and the government must take action for the sake of the public good. The project team has begun to send “letters of request” to such organizations as telephone companies, internet providers, cable television stations, and others, demanding that they “take adequate measures based on the guidelines in response to illegal information. ”The measures include erasing any information from internet sites that the authorities deem harmful to public order and morality.

Of course, if this directive had been in place from the very beginning, nobody would know any of the truth behind the dire catastrophe (which started at sub-3 Mile Island severity and is now equal if not worse than Chernobyl), which has seen enough coverup and lies to make Stalin look like Wikileaks.

h/t TempFlashback and PJ