Japanese Metropolitan Radiation Readings Spike Once Again, As Wind Turns Toward Land

One of the Fukushima fallout's saving graces so far has been that the winds over Japan had traditionally been blowing radiation out to sea and away from major cities. Alas, as the meteorological office indicates, this is no longer the case and border breezes are now tugging each and every way, with the result being a lot of the radiation already accumulated east over the Pacific coming back with a vengeance. Unfortunately,the latest SPEEDI readings, indicate that the expected jump in gamma radiation has indeed been confirmed with reading every ten minutes over Ibaraki surging from mid triple digits over the past several days, to nearly 3000 nGy/h. While in the grand scheme of things this is still not a material threshold reading, it does confirm that the NPP continues to leak a dangerous amount of radiation, and the only key variable is the wind direction. Should winds continue to blow from the sea, it is only a matter of time before more and more Tokyo residents ask themselves if it is worth finding out if the government is lying about this latest data figure.

From SPEEDI, the latest print out:

A continuously updated spreadsheet of radiation counts over all prefectures - link.

And the latest windmap: