Jefferies Principal Trading Revenues Plummet 80% Confirming Q3 Wall Street Drubbing: "Trading Volumes Painfully Slow Across The Board"

Jefferies shares have swooned today as one of the last remaining true broker dealers released Q3 results which missed massively on both the top and the bottom line. And if these are an indication of what most of Wall Street has to look forward to, Q3 will be a bloodbath for banks. As Barron's Tiernan Ray reports, citing CEO Dick Handler (talk about mean parents) that "trading volumes across the board were painfully slow during the months of June, July and August,” said CEO Richard Handler — quite a contrast from Q2’s results, when Handler said the firm was “pleased with solid quarterly results.” Putting this number in context (from the 8-K), Q3 net revenues were $520 million, versus $700 million last year, a whopping 25% decline primarily as a result in the complete collapse in principal trading revenues to $74.3MM from $338,6MM, an 80% decline in this main profit center for Wall Street firms, which have recently all become nothing but glorified hedge funds.

We will get you the conference call transcript as soon as it is availble as Dick traditionally tends to give an unvarnished look at the industry.