Jeremy Grantham: "The Fed Has Spent The Last 20 Years Manipulating The Stock Market"

To those who have read GMO's last letter bashing the Fed, "Night of the Living Fed", there will be little new in Jeremy Grantham's interview with Bartiromo to be aired later today. For those who haven't, the GMO strategist does a terrific summary of how the Fed's economic central planning (a function it should not have, and should merely focus on monetary policy) has destroyed the stock market: "The Fed has spent the last 15, 20 years manipulating the stock market. I think they know what they do has no direct impact on the economy, the only weapon they have is the so-called wealth effect: if you can drive the market up 50%, people feel richer, they feel a little more confident, and the academics reckon they spend about 3% of that. The problem is they know very well how to stimulate the market, but they step away when the market gathers steam, and resign any responsibility for moderating a bull market that may get out of control, and I fear that the market will continue to rise, it will be continuously speculative. As a consequence you get a boom and bust... I think the Fed should settle for just controlling the money supply, not controlling the economy." Unfortunately, it is now too late, and the Fed, which in addition to lender of last resort, is the economic "controller" of only resort, now that fiscal policy is moot, will soon have to be overthrown for its disastrous effect on the US economy to be finally eliminated.

Much more in the interview below.