Jim O'Neill - Welcome To Your New Job

Everyone's favorite N-11 expert is shifting to a new position as head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Alas, according to Absolute Return + Alpha, the man who pretty much coined the term decoupling has a substantial uphill climb. Based on the AR+A hedge fund score sheet, GSAM ranks almost dead last in the categories of Alignment of Interests and Alpha Generation (in the last category only beaten by quants AQR and RenTec, where Jim Simons praises the HFT role in the Flash Crash. We wonder if he will change his (swan) song once the SEC finally discovers that it was the HFT's fault all along... some time in 100 years).

From AR+A on alignment of interests:

And on alpha generation:

And once again, Jim, congrats. Your new post is just so.... you.