Jim Rogers Says He Plans To Short Treasurys As Soon As This Afternoon

And so the Bill Gross juggernaut begins rolling.  Reuters reports that "Influential investment veteran Jim Rogers said on Tuesday he plans to short U.S. Treasuries as soon as this afternoon as he expects the end of quantitative easing to pressure government bonds." Odd. Where have we written/heard that before. But of course, who listens to Bill Gross (the largest bond manager in the world) and Jim Rogers (the co-founder of Quantum) - surely they are no-nothing fools (who just happen to agree with our initial assessment that in the absence of QE2 all bets will be off). Reuters adds: "Rogers said he expects the U.S. dollar to rally when the Federal Reserve's unconventional monetary measure ends in June. "I'm not short bonds yet but I plan to short bonds - maybe this afternoon if I get around to it," Rogers told Reuters Insider television." Recently Jim Rogers correctly pointed out that silver is not in a bubble (a finding confirmed yesterday by Zero Hedge when we demonstrated that non-commercial spec longs in silver are at 2 year low) and continues to be long precious metals until such time as silver really hits the parabolic phase, well north of $100 (by which point the dollar will likely be confetti anyway). So as ever more influential asset managers turn outright hostile on rates, just how much longer will the Fed's vol selling yield suppression scheme work for?


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