Jobless Claims Fall From Another Upwardly Revised Number

Jobless claims "fell" to 452k with the story as usual being in the revision. Last week's 462K number which was originally expected to be 445K is now revised to 475K! But of course it is so much more palatable to get the BLS lie piecemeal instead of in one place. We are now on 25 out of 26 sequential upward revisions, and up to just under 250k Year to Date on initial claims. With this week's number beating expectations of 455k, only means the revised miss will be announced next week, when this week's number is revised to north of the expectation. The same identical story in continuing claims: the print was 4,441K, a deterioration from last week's 4,399K which again was revised to 4,450K (revision 36 out of 37). Lastly, those falling of regular rolls once again jumped, and for the week ended October 2, those on Extended Benefits and EUCs rose by 280K. Since the news confirms the US economy continues to lose workers, this will do nothing for the market's expectations of trillions in free liquidity to be announced in two weeks by the Fed. Then again, none of this matters - as Jim Iurio said earlier: "We are all currency traders."

And here is the latest upward revision chart that looks behind the headlines of the Department of Truth:

h/t John Lohman