JPMorgan's Views On The Five Best Things About The Flash Crash

In this surprisingly candid and objective JPMorgan report, which looks at the consequences of the Flash Crash, the author shares his opinion on the five positive outcomes to arise from the flash crash (including stock specific circuit breakers, bringing more balance to the HFT discussion, proposal requiring HFTs to at more like the floor specialists they are replacing, discussion about "co-locations" and that cheapest does not mean best) while concluding that "the HFT industry may have gotten ahead of anyone’s ability to understand and monitor its capabilities and consequences" and may have resulted in a more fragmented  marketplace in which liquidity is temporal, and in less incentive to display limit orders or contribute capital to market-making. Yet the most glaring observation is that investor confidence, already at unprecedentedly low levels, has plunged as a result of the flash crash. Over the past year we have repeatedly disclosed who the culprits for this condition are, yet the SEC, in its perpetual pandering to future private sector employers once again proves that its mission statement, which claims that "its duty is to uphold the interests of long-term investors" is a bold faced lie, and until resolute steps are taken to curb the daily manipulation and outright marauding by various binary pirates and algorithmic kleptos, we suggest that the SEC's budget be cut to $0 as the agency continues to perform none of its chartered duties.

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