Ken Rogoff: "China Property Market Collapse Starting"

Tomorrow morning Bloomberg TV conducted an interview with Ken Rogoff in Hong Kong (the same way you land in New York before you take off in London via the now defunct Concorde) in which the Harvard professor recently made famous for his words of caution that overlevering sovereigns always eventually leads to economic slow down, financial collapse, and ultimately bankruptcy, warned, when discussing China real estate, that "you’re starting to see that collapse in property and it’s going to hit the banking system." With this coming days ahead of the massive Agri Bank of China IPO, it is interesting just how much influence the person who has been warning all along that the world is headed on an unsustainable path will finally have, now that the permabullish cackle of the MSM punditry has finally been discredited as futures are about to reenter triple digit reality. Oh yes, and score one for Jim Chanos, and all those who have long been warning about the inevitable Chinese bubble pop. Additionally, in discussing the suddenly prevalent topic of perpetual stimulus, and particularly envisioning Paul Krugman's thesis that the world will end unless another couple of trillion are thrown into the fire of irresponsible deficit spending, Rogoff says "I couldn't disagree more... Just to keep drinking bottles of aspirin because you are worried you are going to get a headache, or it is going to turn into a migraine, it's too much prophylaxis."

Full clip although none of this is news: