King World News Confirms Goldman Sachs Has been Long Gold For Years, States $25.50 Is Silver Margin Call Threshold

Some new perspectives on gold, and its very special relationship with Goldman Sachs, courtesy of a London-based King World News source. And some were wondering where Paulson got the long gold trade idea from.

King World News source out of London has confirmed that Goldman Sachs has been long gold for years.  The source stated, “Goldman Sachs has been getting long the metals for years.  Goldman Sachs has essentially been acting as their own central bank, buying on dips for years to hedge their currency positions which are being eroded through coordinated global money printing or currency debasement which they knew would take place.  They are long the metals as a hedge and as I said have been for many years.”

The London source also discussed the silver shorts:

“If silver holds for a few hours above $25.50, they (local traders who have been invited short) will just capitulate. You could see a $1 move in an hour if their is a race for the exits.  Above $25.50, the locals that are short will literally get margin calls and will have to exit their shorts and it could become disorderly on the upside.

The jaws are closing on these shorts.  The silver market is underpinned by everyone who is waiting in the wings to accumulate, that is why you saw the extraordinary buying yesterday off of the lows which continues in today’s trading.” (more here)

Silver is almost there.

Today's POMO, which will send stocks up above 2%, will likely push silver over.

Full King World News note here.


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