Larger Than Expected BOE Drawdown Sends Crude Off To The $100/Barrel Races

After WTI passed the $90 barrier with firm determination, as we highlighted earlier, the most recent DOE Crude Oil Inventories number confirms that the far larger than expected draw down is accelerating. As readers will recall, after last week's massive drawdown of 9.854 million barrels which was the largest in 9 years, today's number was another stunner, coming in at 5.333 MM on expectations of 3.4 MM. The result: WTI spikes and is last seen at $90.64. And as a reminder every $1 rise in oil decreases U.S. GDP by $100 billion per year and every 1 cent increase in gasoline decreases U.S. consumer disposable income by about $600 million per year. The move in oil in the past week alone has almost entirely wiped out the most recent stimulus. Furthermore, as we suggest earlier, now that $90 is in the history books, $100 is coming, and may be here within a few weeks. At that point Bernanke may have some problems explaining how he is "100% confident" that the surge in gasoline prices is completely and totally not as a result of his deranged genocidal tendencies.Don't worry though, hedge fund managers around the world will be more than happy to afford the surging prices. Remember: wealth effect!