Largest Spanish Savings Bank Combination Of Caja Madrid And Bancaja To Request €4.5 Billion In Aid

Earlier today we pointed out that Spanish cajas Caja Madrid and Bancaja were merging in the latest Spanish rescue combination, involving 5 other smaller banks. Reuters is now reporting that this brand new combination, which incidentally is the now the biggest Spanish pro forma saving bank, has requested €4.4-4.5 billion in aid from the Spanish restructuring fund. Spain has now essentially one upped the US: instead of using an FDIC-like intermediation to give "deep value" investors a nice discount on acquired assets courtesy of taxpayers, the banks in Spain are directly going to the taxpayer trough as soon as two horrible balance sheets combined, and the result is an even bigger monstrosity. But that's ok, Spain found some other European banks to sell sovereign debt to earlier today, knowing full well that the ramifications of a regional failed bond auction would also take down all of Europe. The ponzi valiantly marches on. After all it's only the ECB's electronic ones an zeroes that are at risk.