On Laszlo Birinyi's 2,800+ S&P Prediction By September 4, 2013

Kermit was earlier on CNBC, killing microphones with 20,000Hz+ chirping, delivering a presentation on the merits of using rulers as a market extrapolation tool. And in case anyone is not convinced to whip our their own (ruler) and see just how the S&P is expected to hit 2,854 or some ballpark number by September 4, 2013 (precisely), here is how he got that number: you take the recent surge in the S&P driven by Bernanke's and the HFT's no volume melt up market levitation and apply a straight line to it. Any questions?

Which is not to say the Hungarian is wrong: after all by 2013 hyperinflation will be rampant (thank you Chairsatan Vissarionovich Jr) and market participants (read algos) will watch with horror as the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange acquires the only assets of the Deutsche Uber-Global Borse (their Mahwah collocation boxes naturally) for a few Bernanks (expiration date 72 hours after printing).