Late Day High-Beta Selloff Ends Nasdaq 8 Day Rally

Out of nowhere, a late day selloff in high beta tech names ends the Nasdaq's 8 day winning rally, and causes a red close to the tech index which as we presented over the weekend, has the highest bull/bear ratio since the dot com days. Various rumors are swirling to explain this stunning event, among which one of the more provocative ones is that the universe of Rentec alphaclones (namely the moderate money momos, which have recently taken over the market, and which mimic Rentec RIEF B public holdings, which many believe are broadly indicative of Medallion's portfolio) is slowly starting to pocket year end profits, comparable to the action in gold last week, when gold sold off after a couple of macro funds closed out gold positions at massive profits. Is the now extinct process of profit taking about to reemerge from the ashes? On the other hand, this could merely be a brief respite to what has become the most ridiculous tech-driven momo market in many current traders' lifetimes.