Late Labor Links

  • Ron Paul: End The Fed (Ludwig Von Mises Institute)
  • Evans-Pritchard doubleheader: Does the world have the courage to deal with its debts (Telegraph) and China, Bernanke, and the price of gold (Telegraph, h/t Steve)
  • Gold advances to $1,000 an ounce as Bernanke dances on dollar's grave (Bloomberg)
  • "Everyone is guilty" of aid means U.S. WTO wins may be harder (Bloomberg)
  • Russia oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia (Global Research, h/t Washington)
  • Syringe stabbings roil China as ethnic tensions rise (Bloomberg)
  • Huntsman seeks consolation prize, deals in China (FT)
  • Adam Smith would not be optimistic in today's economic world (Telegraph)
  • Investors never know when to say enough, especially with permabankrupt Global Crossing: the fiber optic specialist is back on the uberleverage track with $650 MM new bond issuance (PR)
  • Lehman is now the HFTs pick for ionosphere gunnery practice (FT)
  • China says "Stuff it": the sequel (EconomicPolicyJournal, h/t Janet Tavakoli)
  • The last temptation of risk (National Interest)
  • Russian tycoon's fall spurs money hunt (WSJ)
  • No economic recovery in sight: more financial chaos ahead (Global Research)
  • The massive manipulation and speculation in Fannie stock pays off: will not be delisted from NYSE (PR)
  • Carefree hipsters go for funemployment, starve-cation (Iowahawk)
  • Nial Ferguson and James Fallows on "Chimerca" (Fora TV link)




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