Latest Insider Tally: 8 Buys, 111 Sells; Ratio Of Insider Selling To Buying: 69.3x

The good news: this week's insider sales to buys were half of last week's 147x. The bad news: this week's insider selling to buying came at 69.3x. As a reminder, a baseline bearish indication occurs whenever the insider selling surpasses 30x. That it has surpassed that threshold for virtually every week in the past two years seems to continue to be lost on investors. There were 8 insider purchases of S&P 500 stocks for $3.4 million, the bulk of which was in Marshall & Ilsley stock for $1.7 million, while the sales were focused on Heinz, Iron Mountain, Agilent, Broadcom and NetApp, where insiders dumped a total of $86 million.

Source: Bloomberg


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