The Latest US Taxpayer Bill To Save Europe, And Specifically The French Banks: $57 Billion

The latest (and certainly not last) IMF portion of the European bail out is E220 billion, or $287 billion at today's exchange rate. As the US and its taxpayers represent roughly 20% of total IMF funding, today's 3% loss in dollar purchasing power to the middle class will cost the middle class $57 billion. Paying for the privilege of being able to purchase less sure sounds like a squid-pro-quo type of deal for us here. Politicians everywhere applaud this most recent rape of America's working class, even as communism is now the global ideology. Who needs when reality is now 10 times more surreal. And the direct recipients of taxpayer generosity: SocGen, AXA, Dexia, CA and all other French and German banks, which right now are all up ~20%.