Live, From Athens, It's Syntagma Afternoon!

For that warm, cushy, emphatic, teargas-induced emphysema feeling of being there... but not quite. Courtesy of Covering Delta, here are some video clips from the heart of the action.

The description:

I was able to get some additional film footage, again from my iPhone. It wasn’t safe to film on the square, even if you were part of the crowd and were Greek. There was a lot of hostility against camera people. Again, I think only anarchists and provocateurs were responsible for this violence. They were even throwing things at people who were filming form their hotel balconies.

Some of the footage includes explosions, which I assume was where all the tear gas was coming from. The amount of chemicals in the air turned all our eyes red at one point, and it became increasingly hard to breath.

Soon after taking the last of these videos, we were forced to leave, as the crowd was pushed up from Stadiou by more police units. From what I understand, people have returned to the square now, but the amount of tear gas in the air has a lot of people tweeting, asking for masks and malox solution.

The full low down:



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