Televizing The (Second) Greek Revolution - Three Live Streams From Syntagma Square

Greece's D-Day has arrived: June 15 may soon be the 2011 equivalent of May 6, 2010 when the reaction to the realization that Greece was insolvent hit the population, together with a peak in hostilities, not to mention the US market flash crashing. In addition to a general strike, thousands are already packing the central Syntagma square in Athens, where MPa have started congregating to commence deliberations on the Troica's mid-term fiscal proposal. Already there has been tear gas fired at protesters who are gradually shifting away from their peaceful posture and slowly becoming unruly. Below is a live feed of the square as well as a link to an English live blog following up to the minute events.

Live stream 1:

LIVE STREAMING: Η Αγαν?κτηση των Ελλ?νων by News247

Live stream 2:


And a catch-it-all multistream:


Watch live streaming video from stopcarteltvgr at


And the latest developments courtesy of

11:30 am Thousands gather at the rally of public and private sector labour unions GESEE & ADEDY at Pedio toy Areos Park.

Athens Metro Station ‘Evaggelismos’ is closed. The metro passes through but passengers can not get on or out.

11:40 Greek media decided to cancel their strike after 12:00 at noon time – Greeks want information on such important day, right!?

PM Papandreou will hold an extraordinary meeting with President Papoulias at 1 pm. He will reportedly call another meeting with political leaders to seek consensus for the Mid-Term Package.

11:55 Thousands Boos were heard when the Prime Minister’s convoy headed to PM’s manor.

Protesters hurled eggs, bitter oranges and bottles with water over the riot-police ‘wall’ to the President’s convoy

The rally organized by Greek Communist Party labour union PAME is heading to the Parliament. Estimated more than 15,000 people.

12:30 Tension as protesters tried to push down the ‘iron blockade’. They hurl water bottles over the blockade to riot policemen.

For 21 days the protests were peaceful. However the ‘iron & plexiglass wall’ seems to have the same effect as a piece of a red cloth has on a bull.

video earlier

12:35 Tear gas against protesters attacking the iron blockade – protesters very very angry
Σ?νταγμα 15062011 by cosmogr

12:38 Athens Stock Exchange down -3.65% – It cannot stand the rapid political developments, the emerging parliamentary stalemate, the scenarios about early elections and the unprecedented protests in the city center.

12:40 Live Streaming and Live Blogging in Greek news247

12:48 Riot police has orders to ‘answer’ protesters’ attacks (skai tv). Tension is still high around the ‘iron blockade’, protesters hurl stones and water bottles.

see more pictures in

12:57 There are reports of fired tear gas against protesters at Rigilis Sq – 500 me from Parliament – there are reports of clashes among protesters’ groups

video – earlier: protesters attack the iron blockade

13:10 Big tension at Rigilis Sq – Tear gas – Protesters tried to break through riot police – Police and protesters chase each other

PM Papandreou meeting with the President ” National effort is needed, we are in crucial historical moment. National consensus is needed. I am in contact with political leaders on this. We will continue with responsibility to bring the country out from the crisis”.

Scenarios speak of the establishment of a broader governement , after Friday, with the participation of all political parties.

13:16 small scale riots hooded, indignants, far-leftists and far-rights, riot police, tear gas right in front of the Parliament. Efforts to push away the hooded – provocation to spoil the peaceful protest???

13:46 Still tension – Indignant Greeks chase hooded Greeks hurling molotof cocktails. Sticky air due to exessive use of tear gas in front of the Parliament.

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