London Rioters Attack Ritz Hotel, Fail To Dent Reinforced Glass

Just your typical London protest. The Telegraph has recorded the attempted break and entry into a bank, which however proves too much for scattered "anarchists" courtesy of reinforced glass. The same can not be said for the Ritz hotel unfortunately.

And the latest timeline from The Telegraph:

19.15 Scotland Yard says: "Although the TUC march has passed peacefully there remain pockets of disruption by breakaway groups in the West End."

19.00 A Large bonfire lit by protesters in the eastern end of Jermyn Street appears to be getting out of control, says reporter David Barrett, with buildings now looking at risk.

18.55 Projectiles known as "Thunderflashes" - fireworks containing coins - are understood to have been thrown at police in Piccadilly Circus. Some riot police appear to be removing reflective bibs, to reduce the risk of being set alight.

18.30 Amid clashes between police and protestors, a police officer appears badly hurt, reports Michael Howie from Piccadilly. Half a dozen police medics treat him before he is dispatched to an ambulance, wearing a neck brace.

Meanwhile, protesters are being allowed out of the kettle, but those who do not want to move on are involved in clashes near Piccadilly Circus.

Opinion17:59 Daniel Hannan, Telegraph blogger and MEP, questions the negativity of the protest, in the post: 'March for the Alternative'? WHAT alternative?

17.35 Lloyds TSB bank on Piccadilly is under attack from protesters, at least one large plate glass window has been smashed, with banner poles now being used as weapons, while red paint bombs have been thrown. Nearby a protester is being treated for a head wound by police medics.

Quote17.30 Reporter Michael Howie is among a crowd of thousands of people contained within the police kettle surrounding Fortnum & Mason. He sends this report:

"Skirmishes have broken out as police block off the exits to Piccadilly, with protesters charging either end. Shop windows have been smashed as terrified demonstrators and shoppers got caught up in the violence

One father sheltered her distraught little girl in a doorway as missiles were flung at riot police who hit back, striking some with their shield.

Peter and Elizabeth Davies, both 73, from Guernsey, were desperate to escape the clashes.

'I came here to see my mother in a nursing home and we just wanted to find a nice place to eat," said Mr Davies, taking refuge with his wife in a close.

'It's terrifying,' said Mrs Davies. 'I've never seen anything like it before.'"


Protesters attack Topshop in Oxford Street

Quote17.10 In Oxford Circus, many shops are now closed, though shoppers continue to stroll among activists, with the main troublemakers dressed in black, says reporter Ben Leach:

"Many of the shops around Oxford Circus are now closed as hundreds of activists continue to protest outside Topshop. Dozens of police officers are lining the entrance and seven riot vans are parked nearby.

Banners reading 'Keep warm, burn out the rich' are draped from traffic lights, and flags depicting Che Guevara are being carried by the remaining hardcore of protesters.

Shoppers continue to stroll through the area, which is filled mainly with activists, most of whom seem to be either teenagers or in their twenties or early thirties. The main trouble makers are dressed head to toe in black, some wearing face masks, scarves to cover their faces and helmets."



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